Image Processor 07|15.2

The subject of this FOCUS webcast is my latest Image Processing Action. Over the last year there have been huge increases in quality and functionality. This webcast is an opportunity for you to see for yourself just how good an image can really be - with one click of a button.


In this episode of FOCUS I discus the merits of recovery, highlights and whites verses exposure and showing the hidden recovery in the popular Raw converter.


In this episode of FOCUS I will be showing my updated processing methods and giving you an example of what the new process action can do.


In this episode of FOCUS I will be looking at the history of HDR.
Over the last decade it has evolved numerous times and sadly still today is seem as act of sorcery rather than science.

Software has dictated what we believe is HDR over the years, I prefer to do things my own way...


When I travel and meet many people in various audiences, I hear so many misguided opinions and thoughts regarding Aperture. To make an informed decision, I believe, you need a greater frame of reference than one. Sadly, this does not occur often in life. In this Free-To-View webcast, I will demonstrate why my RAW converter of choice is Apple Aperture.

Black and White

In this episode of Focus i demonstrate my methodology in creating intuitive Black and White images.

Colour Temperature

I will be highlighting a subtle but significant limitation in today's camers's and show you the simple and easy solution.


We all look at colour images but many are slaves to software. This session will demonstrate how learning colour theory can radically improve your use of software - all software and produce vastly improved images...


Many believe that image sharpening is a 'done deal' these days. Software provides solutions in the form of pre configured 'Wang' bars and that sets the expectation as to what sharpening is. In todays programme I will prove that 'Wang' bars are not the solution, Understanding the science is...


Contrast is the subject of todays FOCUS session. I will be giving my perspective as to why this seemingly basic editing control is totally missunderstood by many.


In this free to view webcast Guy goes through Raw processing and how recovery within raw software is the wrong approach to take when working with your raw files

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