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You can now watch the the FOCUS on iEQ presentation on my youtube channel. See link below.

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Watch FOCUS iEQ here.

Welcome to my website. It is here that I teach, demonstrate and deliver my imaging knowledge and solutions.

Imaging has been a part of my professional life now for well over thirty years. During this time I have watched from multiple perspectives the transition from analogue through to digital.

I started in the days of film and chemistry. Working in Pre-Press, Graphic Design, Film and Photography. Image quality has been a common feature in all of these fields and so that became my primary field of expertise.

In these fields I have worked as a trainer, a developer, in management and as a consultant. One of my main goals is to create efficient workflows, returning the highest quality results in a cost effective time frame.

I worked as a consultant / presenter for Adobe and Apple, Nikon, Canon, Epson, HP and Xrite for many years. This added a different dimension to my experience which helps to give me a unique perspective.

This perspective is what I bring to this website where I teach my knowledge and philosophy. I am totally independent at this stage of my career in my opinions and views of software and hardware, I have no hidden agenda.

I deliver HD Video pre-recorded tutorials and live webcasts in which I deliver techniques, solutions and answer member's questions in Q&A sessions.

FUSE is my freeview creative news programme in which I review the latest developments in technology and people.

There is so much information avaliable to us all today in our web based lives. Here I just filter out my favourites and offer my impartial opinion.

I also include the funniest movies and jokes found on social media and end every show with a classic tune usually a long forgotten favourite track from the past.

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FOCUS is my freeview imaging show. I use it to focus on a single aspect of my imaging world such as Contrast, Sharpening, HDR etc.

I find in my work of travelling and teaching that there is a growing lack of understanding of the basic theory due to a total acceptance that software itself sets the bar in expected quality.

I use this programme to demonstrate my own techniques and theories gathered in over three decades of experience.

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